Who can sign a Will?

Your Will must be signed by you in the company of two adult witnesses.  The witnesses sign indicating that they can verify your identity and mental capacity to create a will.  These witnesses should preferably not be beneficiaries or Executors of your estate.  They must also be present in the room at the time you [...]

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Who can be an Executor?

An Executor is the person who carries out the terms of your Will and manages your other affairs after you die, including settling unpaid debts, notifying relevant people about your death and even filing a final tax return. You can name a family member, friend or even a lawyer to serve as Executor of your [...]

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Who can be a beneficiary?

The beneficiary of a will can be a family member, partner, friend, charity, business, or even a trust. It’s also wise to include a contingent beneficiary in your will, who will receive the assets when the primary beneficiary is dead or unable to receive it.

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What would my Will include?

Wills are very personal, but a Will generally outlines: Who you want to receive your assets and property, including identification of names as well as amounts; An indication of who you do not want to get assets or property; Who you wish to care for your children; The person or people you would like to [...]

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What happens if I die without a Will?

Having a legal, written Will is the only way to guarantee that people will receive the items you want them to. Your wishes with regards to the distribution of your property and assets, and the care of any minor children may not be followed if you die without a legal will.  Those left behind may [...]

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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that outlines your wishes about the distribution of your property and assets and the care of any minor children, adults with disabilities you care for, or other family members after your death.

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