Who can be a Substitute Decision-Maker? 

Generally speaking anyone can be appointed as a Substitute Decision-Maker, but you need to be sure that they will have the mental strength to be able to carry through your wishes.  Those who CANNOT be appointed to the role include your doctor, nurse or paid professional carer.  Family members and friends who are paid Carers’ [...]

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Can a member of the family ignore an Advance Care Directive?

No.  An Advance Care Directive is a legally binding document.  If a family member is appointed as a Substitute Decision-Maker they must also follow the instructions in the Advance Care Directive.  The exceptions are that the Substitute Decision-Maker cannot: Make a decision which would be illegal, such as requesting voluntary euthanasia. Refuse food and water [...]

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Can a doctor override an advance care directive?

No.  Health practitioners must comply with a binding provision in an Advance Care Directive if there is no Substitute Decision-Maker appointed, or no time to contact one.  A Substitute Decision-Maker must also follow the Advance Care Directive instructions as they must stand in the person’s shoes and make a decision as if they were the [...]

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